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Thai & Sushi


About  Us

Oudom's Thai and Sushi opened in 2006 thanks to three brothers and their talented mother, Somchin Ketsatha. Somchin has been the heart of the restaurant from the beginning; She has over 60 years of experience cooking authentic Thai food. The brothers' father and Somchin's husband, Tha Ketsatha, passed in 2000; but not without leaving his legacy behind. Tha Ketsatha had a passion for gardening and tending to many different types of vegetables and fruits. Tha loved cooking with fresh ingredients straight from his garden. Oudom, Somboun, and Siy learned from two of the best, and each of them has over 20 years in the kitchen. Oudom and Siy became expert sushi chefs, bringing creativity to the table. In 2005 Somboun went on to further his culinary education at La Cordon Blue, later working under executive chefs at hotels such as Portofino Bay and Ritz Carlton in Orlando, Florida. We cannot forget about the team that makes it all happen! We are small, close, and busy crew who all have a passion for food, family, and eating. We want you to love the food as much as we do here at Oudom's. Each plate is made from scratch and comes straight from our family recipe to your plate. Come join us for dine in, and take out (soon to be delivery) in what we call our second home. You're part of the family here! Don't forget to check out our newest restaurant in Orlando,Cocoa and Osphere. Cocoa offers Mexican fusion cuisine and Osphere offers upscale bar and grill options overlooking the beautiful Lake Eola.

*We are no longer affiliated with the Oudom's Thai and Sushi in Orlando FL.

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